BASKET WEAVE no.11  Katozome Indigo Leather bag and a clutch.

BASKET WEAVE no.11 Katozome Indigo Leather bag and a clutch.

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Leather shoulder bag with detachable shoulder strap.

2 in 1 bag, can be used as a clutch.

Single compartment bag with a small pocket inside.

Top zipper closure.

Brushed brass hardwares.

Pattern of basket weave is on one side, back side of the bag is solid indigo color without any pattern.

Supple imported Brazilian leather. Hand dyed and crafted in New York City.

Leather was hand dyed using natural indigo. Katazome* technique was applied to create the surface pattern. Once dyed, leather was conditioned with bee wax and pine resin, before being made into a bag.

This leather was tanned with vegetable tannin and dyed with indigo using minimal chemical use. The botanical tannin and dye ensures leather will age well. With repeated use, indigo hue will darken and acquire richer tone.

 This one of a kind bag is made one at a time.

  • Strap length: 49”
  • Strap drop: 24”
  • Body width: 9.5”
  • Body height: 7.25”

 Katazome is a traditional Japanese method of dyeing textile. Dye resist paste, made with rice flour is applied onto textile through a hand cut stencil. After the paste dries, textile is immersed in a indigo dye bath. Once textile is dried, resist paste is washed away to reveal the design of the stencil. Katazome is considered to be an early prototype of silk screen printing.

 Although Katazome technique is usually applied to textile, it has been adopted for leather dyeing after years of testing and experiments. You won’t find Katazome indigo leather anywhere else.

How do I take care of this leather bag?: Keep it away from direct sun and avoid extreme heat, arid and damp condition when you store the leather. If you live in arid climate, occasional oiling (with any natural oil such as extra virgin olive oil) is recommended.

BASKET WEAVE no.11  Katozome Indigo Leather bag and a clutch.