about XSILK

Launched in 2011 in NYC, Xsilk is a design & craft studio with a focus on hand dyed and hand painted textiles. We produce garments and accessories using time-tested traditional processes with a modern sensibility. Each piece is crafted individually, and often is an one-of-a-kind piece.


Headed by Dani Song, Xsilk got started with a simple goal - make beautiful things well and responsibly. Our materials are locally sourced.  And we like to keep our textile limited to natural fibers such as pure linen, cotton, silk and the veg-tanned leather.

All our products are crafted and dyed locally in New York City.  We dye in an eco conscious way by using natural dyestuff and low impact silk dye.  We use the safest method of dyeing available to us.  Operating on "made-to-order" mode of production, we keep our waste to minimal.

We hope to offer sustainably produced goods to those who find beauty in everyday items made in harmony with the nature and with the crafting traditions. 

For more information about our process, visit  xsilk blog.

  • email: xsilkmail@gmail.com

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